About Nat and DrNatJG.com

Who is Dr Nat?

For my day job, I write safe work procedures for wind turbine maintenance for a renewable energy company in New Zealand. This job has taught me fascinating things about industrial safety culture, human factors (“human error”), the psychology of effective checklists, and reliability engineering. It's also allowed me to reinvent myself as a professional technical communicator, learning the advanced tools and techniques of the job. In my spare time I advocate for disability rights.

What is DrNatJG.com?

This is a place for me to share what I’ve learned, discuss the books I’ve read, and start a conversation on topics that interest me. In 2021 I took a course in digital accessibility which made me rethink my approach to this site. I resolved to make this site as accessible as possible by rebuilding it in Drupal 9. Now this site is more than a blog or a writing portfolio, it's also an experiment where I can learn and demonstrate best practices for web accessibility. Read more about my reasons for shifting to Drupal.