Heuristic for Blog Posts

For more successful writing, answer these discovery questions before you begin!


  • Where did this idea come from? Who asked for it?
  • What’s the idea in a nutshell? (one simple sentence)


  • Who’s my reader? Do I have more than one cla1ss of reader?
  • Who’s part of the conversation, and who’s been left out?
  • What’s their prior knowledge? Might they have any pre-conceptions on the topic?
  • What additional context would people need to understand what’s going on?

Author’s Purpose

  • What am I trying to achieve? (explain, persuade, entertain, tell a story…)
  • What’s my unique insight or angle on this topic?
  • Is there anything specific I want my readers to understand or do?

Reader’s Purpose

  • Who cares, and why?
  • What would prompt someone to start reading this post? Are they looking for something?
  • What would make someone want to stick with this post to the end, or return to it later?

Genre and Approach

  • Which format will best tell this story? (e.g. text, video, poster, something else…)
  • What’s an appropriate mood or tone for the piece?
  • What’s an appropriate size and scope? What can I leave out? Consider breaking it up into several smaller posts, or linking to other information…
  • Does this post need images? What value would images add?

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