Heuristic for Press Releases

For more successful writing, answer these discovery questions before you begin!
This is based on a heuristic by Michele Matthews

  • What’s newsworthy about this information?
  • What’s your target audience(s)?
  • How is this of specific interest to the audience?
  • What are the key pieces of information to be presented? Prioritize them.
  • Is there a general theme? Can you use any words appropriate to the topic to add interest?
  • Is the information new? If so, what’s new about it?
  • Could this information be presented in a different point of view? Whose?
  • Would the reader have any preconceptions?
  • Is this press release being written specifically to offset readers’ preconceptions?
  • Which stakeholders require consultation or approval before this is released?
  • Can I sum up the information in a 4– to 5–word headline? Or a 10– to 12–word subhead?

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