Happy NZ Sign Language Week 2020!

A graphic showing part of the NZSL alphabet by deaf.org.nz

Hi everyone,

This week is NZSL Week (21 to 27 Sept 2020) which coincides with the International Day of Sign Languages on 23 September. Did you know that New Zealand Sign Language is the third official language of New Zealand?

It was fun making this video, and NZSL is easier to learn than I expected. There's an online video dictionary at https://www.nzsl.nz/ and a few pointers at https://nzslweek.org.nz/


Edit: I discovered long afterwards that I used the wrong sign for "energy"; I was looking for this sign below. Also I called myself a "jargon writer" instead of a technical writer. I'll just have to redo the video!

The sign for 'energy', from the NZSL online dictionary