Jilted (a poem)

Jilted by love, her once-fiery passionate sense of romance has stagnated.
  Armour up!
  Lock down!
  Turn inward!
Her once-light bilious frills are become limpid, heavy.
Her once-welcoming gossamer-soft layers, laid down by past loves, are become hardened accretions, cracked and scarred.
Her once out-reaching, light-seeking strands are become withered encircling vines.
  Armour up!
  Hold close the key to your heart!
  Carry the weight of your emotional herstory on your lumpsided humpback!
  Take care where you step, for the veil of love has left you blind!

(a poem for Margo JG‘s submission to World of Wearable Art, May 2017)